Saturday, 20 July 2013

Convention 2013: Day 2 !!

Hey Stampers,

Well, Convention Day #2 was another FABULOUS day !! It was full of fun and surprises !! Actually, when I was going through pictures for this post it was hard to believe they were all from they same day because so much happened !! Lets take a look !!

1) Waiting at Main Stage for the General Session to start !!

2) The session was opened by the awesome Sara Douglass !! She is so great (actually got to meet her last night too !!)

3) A big highlight for me was getting to see TWENTY FIVE amazing projects made by Shelli herself !! They were so gorgeous, and she introducced a couple BLAND NEW projects as well !! You will LOVE them, I promise !!

4) Then it was time for Make & Takes !! Actually one of the most relaxing parts of the day, just got to sit down and do some stamping !! Here is Cathy doing hers ...

5) And here is a "selfie" of me during Make & Takes too ... hahahahaha

6) And last night ... It was Awards Night !! Artisan Award Finalists was the category we were waiting for ... Cathy was so nervous !!

7) AND SHE WON !!! We were DYING !! Here she is getting her lei from one of the big wigs at SU !! Seriously so amazing ... such an honour !! I was just as excited (maybe even more so) as she was!!

8) Not a great pic! I was far away and should have just went up closer but whatever. All of the 10 Artisan's for the 2013 Design Team !! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff they come up with !!

9) And my SU Bestie and me enjoying the fun after party celebrations !! We took lots of fun pics last night, but here is a more "normal" one worth sharing ... hahahahahahaha ... Such a memorable and awesome night !! 

Thanks a lot for dropping by today !! And if you dont' already, please go over to Cathy Caines blog In The Cat Cave and follow her !! As an Artisan she will be one to watch !! And while you're at it, go over to our shared blog  Catherine and Cathy Create to see all the fun projects and challenges we will have over there too !! Have an awesome day and Happy Stamping !!

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