Friday, 19 July 2013

Convention 2013: Day 1 !!!

Hey Stampers !!

I know, I have been AWOL a LONG time !! 4 days, which is nuts for me ... but I have been having such a blast in Salt Lake City that I haven't even had 2 seconds to get a quick post out !! it is so crazy busy (and H-O-T HOT) that I fall into bed every night exhausted ... whew !! yesterday was the first actual day of Convention, and it was SO much fun !! Let me give you some quick highlights !!

1) Hanging out at the Head Office in Riverton !! They had all kinds of fun things for us to see, and these gorgeous banners were there to greet us when we walked through the front doors. so pretty, right ??

2) Getting my picture taken at "the rock" was a huge thing I wanted to get done on my list !! I love it !! So fun, and I ca see this being my Facebook display pic soon ... LOL

3) Welcoming General Session !! This pic is not fabulous of myself and Cathy, the lights were all over the place, but it was such a FUN night !! And we also got lots of fun prizes - yay !!

4) Seeing all the fun Display Boards was SO cool !! Here is Cathy in front of her Artisan Finalist Board !! How fun is that !?! We will find out tonight if she is a winner - fingers crossed !! 

Well, thats it for me today !! We have to meet for breakfast with some friends in 10 minutes (yikes) so I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at some of the super cool stuff we get to do at Convention !! ome back tomorrow for some highlights of today - Session #2, Make & Takes, Mini Classes and Awards Night !! Woo hoo !! Thanks for coming by and Happy Stamping !!


  1. Great experience there Catherine!! Did you have a display too??

  2. No, no display for me !! Cathy is an Artisan Finalist (and winner now!!) so she has a display board. I didn't enter ...