Thursday, 27 June 2013

Inky Fingers Club Sneak Peek !!

Hey Stampers,

Well, its a yucky day here today. Thats the only work I can think of to describe it ! Its rainy and cold (only 7 degrees !!) and dark and gloomy. Luckily its my day off, so I don't need to do out in it, even though I do need to go down the road at some point today. I get to relax at home with my son and watch Thomas the Tank Engine, Wreck It Ralph and Super Why hahahahaha. AND I am hoping to do some stamping !! Its only 18 DAYS until I leave for Convention (oh my gosh) and I need to get my swaps all finished ! I cant wait to show them to you !! I am loving how they turned out. But today, a bit more info about the Inky Fingers Club Summer Session !!

It starts in only 10 days and I am so excited !! I am showing you today a sneak peek look at the items I used for MY projects. They all used the same colors, and stamp sets and DSP - so they will be super easy to make yourself !! Most of my fellow Designers are showing a "messy desk" picture, but you know thats not my style. I arranged all my items just so in nice neat piles - take a look !!

Doesn't that look like a super fun pile of items !?! If you want to see what I made with these, here is the info!

The Inky Fingers Club is two weeks of fun, unique projects delivered right to your email inbox EVERY DAY ! And all for just $24.95 ! You will get:
  • 56 Cards (4 each from all 14 designers)
  • 14 different bags or boxes
  • step by step photo filled instructions
  • BONUS video tutorials
  • chances to win DAILY PRIZES 

Doesn't that sound like FUN !? If you want to join this fun summer session, showcasing all BRAND NEW items from the Annual Catalogue - Sign Up !!

Thanks for coming by today and Happy Stamping !!


  1. Can't wait! I'm soooo glad I joined up! Looking forward to seeing what you've done with those products!

  2. Thanks Barb !! I know, so exciting !!

  3. Thanks for following me! YAY! This is so fun! I am your newest follower ;-)

    1. I know !! Thanks for following Wendy. Can't wait to see your fun projects !! Cheers !!

  4. Hey, I have to admit that yesterday I searched for everyone's blogs to see what pics they posted and to find out what products they are using. Yup, I just wanted to make sure I was at least kind of doing what everyone else was doing. lol I had to laugh when I saw your picture with everything neatly laid out. No messes for me either! lol
    I'm with you...I can't wait to see what everyone else has designed! I am glad I chose the Wetlands set because I needed another masculine set and it went well with the ideas that I had in mind for the cards I made. :)
    Maybe I'll see you at convention. Ok, probably not with SO many people going, but I am really exited about it since it's my first time going!! I can't wait to see what it's like! I'm not sure if I'm doing swaps yet or not. If I am I'd better get busy! Now that I've popped over to your blog I will be following you too. :)
    Take care,

    1. Hey Sara !! Yes, I was stalking everyones blogs yesterday too. LOL Its pretty exciting to see how everyone seems to be using totally different stuff !! I am so excited to see everyones stuff !! I am really interrested in your too - to see a set I hadent even given a second glance to get really showcased !! Thats how my stamp room gets out of control - ALL the stuff I MUST have !! Hahaha I would love to see you at Convention !! I am so excited for my first time too. I bet there will be a lot of first timers - make the 25th year super awesome ! I have my 2 swaps done, but might make some more just for general swapping (if I have any time). Thanks a lot for visiting !! I will be popping by your blog regularly for sure. Hugs !!